Level Seven takes a holistic approach to coaching, using the Energy Leadership™ technique to shift your attitude and perception so you can create the life you want to live.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment* + 2-hour Debrief

This one-time coaching session illuminates your current perceptions and beliefs (where you are now), and sheds light on various blocks in your way. The session includes the ELI Assessment, which reveals your perceptions and attitudes in not only your every-day life, but the entire world around you. Included is also a 2-hr debrief to help you understand your unique energy and to start putting you on the higher track towards your level.


3-Month Perception Reboot

The 3-Month Perception Reboot includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment + 2-hour Debrief, and goes on to guide you through 3 months of discovering and removing the blocks that prevent you from having the success you are capable of achieving.

Feel free to contact us to chat further about the ideal coaching path for you!

Other packages, including couples coaching, business coaching, company coaching, group coaching, workshops, and retreats are available. Please schedule a FREE INTRO SESSION for more information on any of the above coaching options.


*What’s the Energy Leadership Index Assessment [ELI]?

You may have heard of Myers-Briggs or other personality tests. They are valuable, because they give you insight on who you are. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is a bit different - it tells you how you are.

This assessment reveals your perceptions and attitudes in life and the world around you. Your perception creates your reality. By shifting your perception, you can create the reality you want to see.

Also included is a debrief with certified ELI Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach, Yossef Sagi, which will guide you in understanding your unique energy profile and give you first steps to create your new reality.