“Incredible coach and human being. Yossef has a way of leading you to your own leadership that I have not experienced before. He is absolutely determined and capable of leading you to your inner strength and will guide you to understand and approach every situation in life with the right energy, so that every challenge becomes an opportunity. Amazing and very powerful!”  -Ben Jaimen

“Yossef is an amazing coach and teacher. His ability to help you shift perspective and understand how to live at higher levels of energy are simply amazing (and quick). His methods can be applied to your business AND your personal life. I've had many amazing Ah-Ha! moments while working with Yossef and life is much more fun operating consistently in higher orders of anabolic energy. If you're looking for someone to help you take your business to new heights OR you need someone to help guide you to a higher plane of energy and consciousness - Yossef is THE man, 1000%. Everyone has a gift. Yossef's is coaching.”  -Jim Soloman

“When you are doubting how your energy affects any situation you're in, whether it's a social gathering, in line at the post office, or sitting in your car in the glorious LA traffic, it would behoove you to follow, get in touch, or sit in front of Yossef Sagi and hear him speak on the 7 energy levels that all of us use on a daily basis. Since my class with Yossef, I have taken a deep look as to why I act the way I do, and receive what I get when I do. If you feel stuck and want some guidance on a more successful journey of leadership in your life, then Yossef will help divine that path for you.”  -Turhan Caylak

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